I work using alternative therapies to complement traditional medicine as I have found these effective for myself and now wish to share them with others. Always see your GP about any condition that worries you; where I come in is to support you through medical treatment and help you in those cases where nothing has helped so far.

I use three healing modalities, Health Kinesiology™, Transformational Breath® and ThetaHealing®.

Doctors say that your conscious mind is only a very small part of your total mind. About 90% is concerned with running your body. When you get better, you don’t actually think about the processes that are going on in your body at a conscious level – your body knows how to heal itself. The modalities I use all access this amazing ability your body possesses to know what it needs to put things right.


Transformational Breath® in the UK with Ange Leake (Level 2) and subsequently with Judith Kravitz, who co-created it, in Italy (Levels 1-3), Mexico (Level 4A), San Diego (Level 4B) and Turkey (Level 1-3).

Theta Healing DNA 1 & 2 and Advanced with Sharleen Morgan, then Intuitive Anatomy with Rosemary Rebo (all in Jersey), and Family Ties with Jennifer Main in Edinburgh.

HK training Levels 1 – 5 in Jersey with Franky Kossy, 16P with Dr Jimmy Scott PhD in London

Integrated Foundation Touch for Health with Amanda Roussos in Jersey

Creative Nutrition with Caroline Mott in Jersey

Professional Organisations

A member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

An Associate Member of the Federation of Kinesiologists.

A member of Transformational Breath Foundation UK