Health Kinesiology™ (created by Dr Jimmy Scott, PhD) is gentle, non-invasive, yet powerful at the same time. It works with the body’s energy systems, helping you to identify blocks that are causing symptoms of dis-ease, such as lack of energy, fearfulness, limiting beliefs or thought patterns, difficulties with life situations. Sometimes you get blocks which can be the result of old trauma, emotional problems past or present, biochemical disturbance such as pollutants found in water, air or food. It can help identify and resolve phobias.

It then enables your energy system to come into balance and flow freely again, allowing your body to heal itself. Health Kinesiology™ does not seek to diagnose medical conditions, it seeks to restore balance and harmony at all levels, physical, mental emotional and spiritual.

Sessions involve gentle muscle-testing, usually on an arm muscle, and holding acupressure points to release your energy to flow as it should. It is undemanding of the client: mostly, you will lie back and relax, fully clothed, while I do the work. I aim to send my clients home feeling refreshed, energised, relaxed and positive.